When we see a bow in the hands of an athlete or a hunter not so many of us realize that we are looking at one of the most ancient tool in known history of the human civilization. It’s peculiar that the bow has retained its original design and structure since the dawn of mankind. It’s shape and functioning principles have remained practically unchanged. What has changed is its areas of use. Traditional bow transcended from a weapon of war and hunt to mainly a sporting and historical attribute. Archery also has reinstated itself in both hunting and even fishing capacities in recent years.

Since Alexander the Great and up to the famous Battle at Agincourt, the bow was a decisive factor for victory. Even with firearms coming later in to a play the bow was remaining as dominant weapon of war. Only when with the invention of heavy armor and further firearm upgrading and improvement the bow and crossbow lost their leading role in warfare and hunting.

However, despite new technologies and proliferation of newer and more effective types of arms the bow has not lost its appeal. Many people still admire this elegant weapon. Simplicity and affordability are the key factors of its popularity. Archery is one of the most affordable sports today. Practically any more or less healthy individual can master it with relative ease. Archery has become a favorite sport, hobby or recreation of a modern person. There is something magical in this weapon. Snap of a bowstring and flight of an arrow are truly mesmerizing. It’s like as if a person discovers awakening of an ancient warrior and hunter deep inside. The emotion is indescribable and very powerful.

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