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Worldwide Trade And Sales LLC
Worldwide Trade And Sales LLC
30 N Gould St
Sheridan, WY 82801
Mon - Fri. 8 am - 6 pm MST

Who we are

We are an authorized dealer for all the product lines that we sell. We have been representing best and most reputable American and leading foreign manufacturers offering their products at most competitive prices on the web. We make it our mission to carry only the best quality products to offer to our customers at most affordable prices and provide the five star customer service.


Our Mission Statement

The Internet is not just technology the purpose of which is to make our life easier and more comfortable on many levels. It is radically new mechanism of life organizational principals of the world around us. The Internet changes entire systems of human evolution, information exchange and society interaction.

At the point of birth of Worldwide Trade and Sales back some time ago, our vision was that this project’s mission was that company has to be at the frontline of the development of this incredible technology along with its pace, demands and challenges. On the one hand, the set of success criteria is on the surface in this line of business: provide great choice of products at great prices, fast and easy shipping, support that with great customer service and your success is practically guaranteed.

We thought it was not enough. It goes without saying that we put all those above mentioned principles to the core of our mission but we added something more. The glue that cemented those principles turned out our people who have been implementing them into every day operations and transactions. Each and every team member who is responsible for his/her area also is a keen enthusiast of it and loves it his outside of work life. We are a team of passion followers who are so fortunate to integrate our hobbies, sports and passions into our occupation. We construct our product portfolios with goods that we would buy for ourselves and conduct every transaction just as we would want them to be handled were we the customer. In fact, very often we are the customers of our own store. The customer for us is fellow passion follower, the person who loves what we love and love to do.

Our dear friend, welcome to our store and enjoy your shopping in it and we, in our turn, are here to make this experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Our web stores:

Dear Friend! We would like to welcome you to our virtual shopping mall. This is the mother site and it’s like the main entrance to it. You can find here over a dozen of stores, each with its own specialty. What unites them all is the highest quality products from leading manufacturers at the lowest prices available anywhere. Enjoy your shopping with us and we are here to make your experience as pleasant as humanly possible!

We are on Amazon.com
Our dear friend, welcome to our store and enjoy your shopping with us! We make it our mission to carry the best quality products to offer to our customers at most affordable prices and provide the five star customer service. We are here to make your shopping experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

We carry such a great choice of everything that an artist, both seasoned and novice, is looking for his/her arts and crafts. All the supplies are handpicked, are of the highest quality and unbelievably low prices. Instruments, tools, materials, storage and accessories always are in our inventory ready to be shipped and delivered.

Baseball, football, soccer, basketball and so many other popular sports that have so many fans and devoted followers. We carry a great choice of supplies for each individual sport, from gear and equipment to gifts and souvenirs, all at wholesale prices and lowest shipping costs on the market. Awesome products, awesome savings!

The choice of items that we offer in this store is not random and chosen with the great deal of expertise and affection. We handpick manufacturers and negotiate the best prices to pass over the savings to our customers. We cover all the needs of this wonderful ancient sport followers, provide terrific products and fast delivery at the best price range on the market.

We made our motto “best products at most affordable prices” and stack our facility with only the products that we would personally buy for ourselves. We also test extensively most of the products that we sell in the field guarantee the satisfaction that one would have if they purchase an item in our store. Enjoy your shopping experience with us and we would do anything to make this experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

For golf aficionados, we proudly offer anything one would need to equip for his/her sports of passion from clubs and balls to bags, accessories, gifts, on-course needed items and apparel. The choice of items is very well balanced between great quality, guaranteed by leading the industry manufacturers, and offered at the very affordable price range. You won’t be disappointed!

A wide variety of phenomenal goods for hunting enthusiasts are offered in this store for you to purchase at great wholesale prices. Gun cases, treestands, shooting targets and many useful accessories, all are made by leading industry manufacturers, boasting outstanding quality and ready to be shipped to hunters across North America.

This store specializes in various lights, energy sources and pertinent accessories. If you are on the market for headlamps, area lights, bike lights, even tactical or weapon lights you’ve come to a right place, don’t go any further. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised about the quality and unbeatable prices of this online store!

Personal defense items of great variety are available to you here at awesome low prices. From protective gear and hearing protection to batons, handcuffs, pepper spray and a great array of accessories you can find here at SafetyGoodsDepot with us at fantastically low wholesale prices!

Excellent choice of essential sporting apparel that would satisfy any taste and any wallet awaits you in our huge inventory that was handpicked by real life sports enthusiasts. Great combination of high quality and very competitive prices will get you nicest sporting gear and clothes without breaking the bank!

We are an official dealer authorized to sell awesome products of leading sports optics manufacturers such as Apex, Bushnell, Laserlyte, Barska, Burris, Meade, Pulsar, and many many others at fantastically low prices. We offer terrific discounts on highest quality original equipment and accessories beating wholesale prices and providing fast and secure shipping to our customers!

Here’s at OutdoorGearBay we have everything you will for your next unforgettable camping trip. It’s a phenomenal way to experience great outdoors either in the company of your best friends or your family. Check out the choice of equipment that we carry here for you and take advantage of awesome discounts and wholesale prices!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned air gun enthusiast you will find a great diverse selection of the widest range of anything that comes and goes along your favorite hobby. Check out our extensive inventory and treat yourself with highest quality parts and accessories for your air long rifle or air pistol and take advantage of those huge discounts that we offer to our customers!

We make it our mission to provide our customers not only with the top quality living aids, mobility vehicles and other valuable supplies for handicapped and disabled people but also back it up with outstanding customer care.